Shane Harper Talks About God’s Not Dead Movie and College Life

A great article in the Huffington Post recently came out featuring Shane Harper talking about what it means to be a Christian in College.

Here’s an excerpt,

…A few weeks ago I came across a movie called God’s Not Dead, starring Shane Harper and Kevin Sorbo. After watching the trailer I was very inspired. It made me realize that being a Christian in college isn’t going to be easy, but it isn’t impossible if you just educate yourself. So I sat down with Shane Harper, popularly known for his role as Spencer on Disney’s Good Luck Charlie, and talked about his role in the film and his thoughts on young people having a Christian faith in today’s world.

When asked about the movie Harper said:

“Josh is a college student studying law, so apparently he wants to be a lawyer, [the movie] really has to do with the experience he has in philosophy class, his teacher wants to skip [the section of] the course with religion because he thinks that it’s pointless. That’s where the challenge comes to josh he wants to stand up for his faith so he goes on this journey, and well you’ll have to watch the movie to find out.”

Check out the rest of the article here.