Is The Bible God Breathed, 100% True and Without Error?

(God’s Not Dead) The authenticity and inerrancy of the Bible is a core subject that all followers of Jesus Christ (and any human being for that matter) ought to be studying if we are serious about our faith – living it out and defending at all costs. This fascinating topic is closely related to the debate presented in God’s Not Dead” produced by Pure Flix this year.

BibleFactsMany people deny that Scripture teaches its own inerrancy, but according to Brian Edwards with Answers In Genesis, based on Scripture, Christians should absolutely hold to biblical inerrancy. (inerrancy: the belief that the Bible is free from error in matters of science as well as those of faith – lack of error; infallibility).

In his comments, Brian Edwards continues…”the shock expressed by those who discover someone who actually believes the Bible to be without error is often quite amusing. Inevitably, their next question takes us right back to Genesis. But what does the Christian mean by “without error,” and why are we so sure?”

Here is an excerpt from the web site – it’s an excellent read and well worth your time to dig deeper into the scripture:

God breathed out His Word, and the Holy Spirit guided the writers. The Bible has one Author and many (around 40) writers. With these two acts of God—breathing out His Word and carrying the writers along by the Spirit—we can come to a definition of inspiration:

The Holy Spirit moved men to write. He allowed them to use their own styles, cultures, gifts, and character. He allowed them to use the results of their own study and research, write of their own experiences, and express what was in their minds. At the same time, the Holy Spirit did not allow error to influence their writings. He overruled in the expression of thought and in the choice of words. Thus, they recorded accurately all God wanted them to say and exactly how He wanted them to say it in their own character, styles, and languages.

The inspiration of Scripture is a harmony of the active mind of the writer and the sovereign direction of the Holy Spirit to produce God’s inerrant and infallible Word for the human race. Two errors are to be avoided here. First, some think inspiration is nothing more than a generally heightened sensitivity to wisdom on the part of the writer, just as we talk of an inspired idea or invention. Second, some believe the writer was merely a mechanical dictation machine, writing out the words he heard from God. Both errors fail to adequately account for the active role played by the Holy Spirit and the human writer.  Read The Full Segment Here

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