FREE God’s Not Dead Sermon Kit Is Now Available

GND Sermon KitIt’s one thing to encourage people to go to a movie. But there is a much bigger opportunity to invite people to church and engage them in a conversation that matters.

That’s why we created the God’s Not Dead Sermon Kit.

The film has so many biblical topics; we wanted to focus not just on the scientific and philosophical arguments for God—but also the scriptural proofs as well.

When we created the sermon series, we wanted to accomplish two things:

First, we wanted to demonstrate to church members how they can use the Bible and the movie to confidently share Christ and the compelling evidence that God is there and that he cares for people.

Second, we wanted to create an “invite-able event” for churches to welcome people who are searching for God, both seekers and skeptics. We were careful to include skeptics in the conversation—and to invite people to freely seek the truth by expressing their doubts and honestly explore the evidence.

Contents of the Sermon Kit

The kit includes three great sermons, three downloadable video clips with scenes from the movie, a sermon discussion guide for families and small groups, as well as the theatrical trailer of the movie. The sermon titles are:

Part 1: Where Is God When Life Falls Apart?

Part 2: Is Our Faith Blind?

Part 3: Welcoming Skepticism

The whole kit is free to pastors, teachers, and small group leaders. If anyone wants it, they may download it at

Our Goal for the God’s Not Dead Sermon Kit

We wanted to provide preaching pastors, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, and small group leaders with a turnkey resource that would give them everything they need to dig deeper into the great content if the movie—and especially to reach out to friends, family, and neighbors with the clear message that God’s by no means dead, but very much alive.

We’ve been very pleased with the response. Nearly 10,000 church leaders have already downloaded the kit and we anticipate that number will go beyond 15,000, reaching approximately two million people in churches and communities across the United States and around the world.


Ron Forseth is the VP at Outreach, Inc. and Editor-at-Large,

Outreach, Inc. is dedicated to empowering churches to reach their communities for Jesus Christ. We do this by providing communication tools and engagement resources to invite people to church and to introduce them to Jesus Christ. God’s Not Dead is a great opportunity for churches to reach out.