First Movie Reviews For God’s Not Dead

Movie reviewThe first movie reviews for the advanced showings of the God’s Not Dead movie have started popping up online. We wanted to share what others are saying about the movie with you!

Here’s a few of the first reviews along with excerpts from each review.



Kristine McGuire Movie Review

“It’s (God’s Not Dead) an engaging story filled with interesting and compelling characters. The performances and pacing are on point.”

“God’s Not Dead meets all the criterion of a great and empowering film experience.”

“This movie will be an excellent conversation starter to share with people who may be unsure what they believe about God. It will encourage you and your kids (especially teens and college age) to be bold and not afraid of what people think or say or challenge you to learn more about why you believe and how to defend that faith.”

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Family Savvy Review

“Both of my daughters loved the movie and cannot wait to see it again when it hits theaters in March. An appearance by the Newsboys (filmed at a concert in Houston, TX) and Duck Dynasty’s Willie and Korie Robertson made this especially entertaining.”

“On a scale of 1-5, I give this movie a 5. It is well produced, has stellar acting, provokes deep thought, and fully entertained us for the entire duration. Any movie that I am willing to see twice has to be good, as I have a difficult time sitting still for more than two hours to watch or listen to much of anything.”

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Woodlands Online Review

“My wife works at Mims Baptist Church in Conroe and so I accompanied her to the showing hoping that it was a halfway good movie. She had mentioned the movie before and I think I had seen a quick YouTube trailer once, but I still wasn’t sure what to expect. I had heard that Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty was in the movie and that Kevin Sorbo from Hercules was also in the movie. My daughter also informed me that Shane Harper played a character on the Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie. My daughter was hoping that I couldn’t make the show so that she could go instead. I went into the movie thinking that it was mainly a documentary in which the show interviewed various Christian celebrities. I was totally wrong and was excited to learn that the movie was a well crafted movie based on the book by Rice Broocks. I don’t want to spoil the plot, but this movie is not just a story about a college student and his professor. It is much more than that…”

“After seeing the film, I have to admit that I was challenged to not just believe that God exists, but to understand that those beliefs need to be put up front and center in discussions with other people. The film showed me that God reveals Himself in creation and that there is more evidence that God exists than there is that He doesn’t. We may never know how people view God and it is not only our responsibility to present God to others, it is also our responsibility to support companies like PureFlix in bringing those conversations to our local area.”

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Thanks for the great reviews and help spreading the word!

God’s Not Dead opens March 21. Visit to find a showtime near you!