Colorado Public School Bans Praying, Singing Hymns, or Talking About “Religion”.

(God’s Not Dead) You just can’t make this stuff up…It appears an American public high school (Pine Creek High School) in Colorado Springs, CO. has decided it’s within their rights to violate the student’s 1st Amendment Rights by banning a group of students from gathering to pray, sing “religious” songs, or even talk about “religious” topics during the school day – including the student’s own free time.  Apparently the students have been doing this at Pine Creek High School for three years without any problems, until now.Tedesco - ADF reported that Jeremy Tedesco of Alliance Defending Freedom says ADF has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the students. He says the school rebuffed a letter of explanation ADF sent to the administration. “We sent them a letter explaining that it clearly violated our client’s First Amendment rights,” he tells OneNewsNow. “They responded aCoSchoolSurveynd said We don’t see it that way – and so the lawsuit followed.” Read Full Story Here

Is this really what America’s history books will record for future generations…? That we stood by and let the amazing, God inspired, one-of-a-kind United States Constitution get trampled on to such a degree as this. Or, will our history books record stories of courageous men and women taking a stand, depicting valiant efforts to preserve our Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and Freedom Of Religion.

As “God’s Not Dead” Defenders of The Faith, we are called to stand in the gap and remain resilient to this assault on our freedoms and faith. Visit the web site and take this survey now to express your opinion.

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