Warning: This Video May Be Dangerous To Your Atheism.

(God’s Not Dead) “There Was A Beginning”  by By Rice Broocks – The discovery that the universe had a beginning is a relatively recent realization in the scientific community. The implication of this discovery is that in one moment, all of space and time came into being. In fact, one such scientist named the event the “Big Bang” as a derogatory term, since he feared that the idea was allowing “the divine foot in the door”.

Further, the notion of a beginning for everything was resisted by certain scientists due to the fact that it pointed people toward a Creator. The fundamental laws of physics appear to have been carefully designed to allow for a life-permitting universe. This evidence of “fine-tuning” further points to a personal, super-intellect creating the universe with life in mind.

The naturalist (one who believes nature is all that exists) asserts that the universe came into being from nothing, by nothing, for nothing. The theist believes the universe came from nothing, by Someone, for something. Naturalists attempt to explain away this evidence by appealing to the existence of multiple universes (the multiverse). However, such claims are based mainly on wild speculation and blind faith, so they are not as reasonable as an eternal, uncreated, personal Creator.

Therefore, when someone asks you for evidence for the existence of God, you stand on solid ground by referencing the fact that the universe had a purposeful beginning, since it demonstrates the reality and necessity of God as the first cause.

Rice Broocks is the co-founder of the Every Nation family of churches, with more than one thousand churches in more than sixty nations. The senior minister of Bethel World Outreach Church, Nashville, Tennessee, Rice is also the author of several books, including The Purple Book and Every Nation in Our Generation, and God’s Not Dead. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Rice has a master’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary and a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary.

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