“Who Created God?” Defender Of The Faith – John Lennox Interview – Part 3

(“Defenders Of The Faith” with Dr. Rice Broocks) Thank you for joining us this week as we go behind the scenes for Part 3 of this fascinating interview with Professor John Lennox, (the Oxford Mathematician and Philosopher quoted the film “God’s Not Dead”, produced by Pure Flix Entertainment).

Who created God? It’s one of those questions inevitably thrown at you by skeptics- especially when the evidence for an intelligent mind behind the Universe becomes too glaring to dismiss. In his writings, Richard Dawkins, does just that after admitting “life looks designed”- he quickly demurs by stating that you can’t conclude this because you’re left with the question, “who designed the Designer?” Dawkins in essence defaults to this question instead of “following the evidence wherever it leads”- especially if it’s leading to God.

In this interview, Dr. John Lennox of Oxford University answers this pivotal question, just as he did in a face-to -face debate with Dawkins in 2007.

As Dr Lennox states “created gods are a delusion”  The universe was created by an uncreated God. Eventually, both the atheist and the Theist must appeal to something that was uncaused or eternal. It’s overwhelmingly reasonable to believe in a uncreated, supernatural God behind everything, rather than the absurd notion that the universe could cause itself.TurtleOnFencePost

Other objections are made that are really saying the same thing – “If you can’t explain where God came from then God can’t be the explanation of the universe” This is simply nonsense. If your walking through the woods and find a turtle sitting on a fence post, you’d be entirely rational in concluding it didn’t get there by itself-even if you had no clue about the identity of the one who did it. This certainly applies to our world and our universe. Time and chance couldn’t possibly account for something so astonishingly complex and wonderful.

JLennoxBk1Dr. Lennox is the author of several books including “Seven Days that Divide that World”, “God’s Undertaker- Has Science Buried God?”, and “Gunning for God- Why the New Atheists are missing the target” He possesses a keen sense of taking complex scientific issues and communicating them in such a way that people of all ages and backgrounds can grasp their meaning.  Check Out & Purchase books by Professor John Lennox – Click here.
Dr. Rice Broocks is the co-founder of the Every Nation family of churches, with more than one thousand churches in more than sixty nations. The senior minister of Bethel World Outreach Church, Nashville, Tennessee, Rice is also the author of several books, including God’s Not Dead, The Purple Book and Every Nation in Our Generation. A graduate of Mississippi State University, Rice has a master’s degree from Reformed Theological Seminary and a doctorate from Fuller Theological Seminary. For More Resources To Help You Become A Defender Of The Faith – Click Here.

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